The B17 was an iconic bomber built by Boeing during WWII. Europe was occupied by then-Nazi controlled Germany until D-Day, 6 June 1944. Prior to D-Day, the last standing bastion in Europe free from Nazi occupation was England and the only option for retaliation and defense at the time was to fly bombing raids over Germany.

In 1942, the Americans decided to join the war and provided defensive support by participating, among other things, with B-17 bombers and manned crews. They flew day raids over Germany, with the intended targets being heavily defended industrial buildings. 

Flying these missions was extremely dangerous and there was very little likelihood that the crews would survive – needing to get to targets defended with heavy anti-aircraft guns and German fighter planes. For this very reason, there was need for a bomber that was unusually robust and could stay in the air despite heavy damage. This is the story of the B-17 Flying Fortress.

The pin-up was a common character of these bombers, with the Americans painting these on the nose of their bombers. And who knows – possibly to remind the crews of what they were fighting for, or simply something pleasant to look at.

This story of the B-17 and pin-up is analogous to the person for whom this watch was made. Its owner wanted to mark the achievement of a personal long-standing goal of producing a watch that was completely unique in all regards. The quality the owner places particular emphasis on, is the narrative that everything they built in their life must be robust and able to serve as a solid platform from which new goals in life can spring forward – both for himself, his family and the friends around him. Constructions he is a part of must last, be of high quality and result in an abundance that can withstand even the toughest of challenges in the future. He believes it is the only way to fully ensure survival for yourself and your surroundings and is fully worth working hard to accomplish. He has achieved it in life and wants the story told with this watch.

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Watch details

· 316L Stainless Steel case

· 40 mm case diameter

· Sapphire crystal

· Aluminum bezel

· Brass dial. Steel sunburst coating, with laser engraved custom art

· C3 luminous paste on hour markers and hands.

· STP 1-11 top grade movement

· 26 Jewels

· Decorated with rhodium plating and blue heated screws

· 200 meters water resistant case

· Sapphire crystal showcase back

· Stainless Steel bracelet


Hieronymus Rohrig
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