Despite starting in an industry dominated by fixed mindsets and pre-established perceptions of what could or could not be done – with the emphasis on the unachievable.

Along with his partners, they wanted to prove that it was in fact possible to create energy projects based entirely on renewable energy sources while remaining economically profitable. The goal was to achieve this without state subsidy. When they started their company, accomplishing this was something "everybody knew" couldn't be done. But not only did they succeed in creating projects that were profitable, but the company has also reached a level where it is now worth more than anyone had ever expected.

However, this was no easy feat. Over the years it required courage and perseverance to continue working towards their envisioned goal – despite all the pre-established ideas that it could not be done.

This story in many ways reminds one of Ayn Rand's book The Fountainhead. The book depicts an architect who believed in building designs that were simple and built for function, rather than the generally established status quo of beautified constructions that only served to make things appear better. However, the moral of the story in this book is that only those who have the courage to follow their own convictions, despite the"herd's" attempts to prevent it, can be free.

The book is believed to have drawn inspiration from American architect Frank Lloyd Wright, whose best-known work is the Guggenheim Museum in New York. Therefore, the design selected for the dial is inspired by this very piece of work – with a view from the ground floor inside the large spiral staircase of the building.

The spiral has been used for centuries as a symbol of courage, inner-strength and endurance, both befitting this masterpiece of architecture and expressing the qualities the owner believes assisted him in achieving what he has been accomplished.


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Watch details

· 316L Stainless Steel case with rose gold PVD plating

· 39 mm case diameter

· Sapphire crystal

· Brass dial with laser engraved custom art

· Sellita SW200-1 top grade movement

· 26 Jewels

· Decorated with rhodium plating and blue heated screws

· 100 meters water resistant case

· Sapphire crystal showcase back

· CITES certified and approved genuine crocodile leather strap

· Butterfly clasp


Hieronymus Rohrig
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