A few short years prior to the very concept of these watches being born, the owner of this watch had a completely new start in his life, deciding to start from scratch and pursue new interests.

Concurrent to performing any viable work to cover basic financial needs to survive, he was always on the lookout for creating something of his own and something unique to bring to those around him. However, all efforts for a new business model of such nature needed to be done after-hours and in the spare time that was allowed.

That having been said, this watch is the materialization of the dream to create something new and highly unique. Through the long hours and amazing people to work with along the path, the completion of this watch is a true testament that one can accomplish anything one sets one’s mind to – using only the resources available to one and no matter the seemingly impossible obstacles and barriers one might face along the way.

And just like David facing Goliath – despite seemingly impossible odds, he made use of that which was available to him and came out victorious. So too is this watch a representation of using those things available to bring about success despite the seemingly impossible task at hand.

And so the story and design of this watch was forged.With fitting imagery of David, complemented by the ivory white dial and the vintage diver’s watch motif.

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Watch details

· 316L Stainless Steel case

· 40 mm case diameter

· Sapphire crystal

· Aluminum bezel

 · Brass dial. Ivory white sunburst coating, with laser engraved custom art

 · C3 luminous paste on hour markers and hands

 · STP 1-11 top grade movement

 · 26 Jewels

 · Decorated with rhodium plating and blue heated screws

 · 200 meters water resistant case

· Closed case back

· Stainless Steel bracelet


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